Follow Focus Gear
This lens has a manual focus ring with and interlocking follow focus gear to allow to be used in a cinema follow focus system.
This lens is for shooting video with DSLR (VDSJR) cameras.
To use follow focus, the AF/M focus switch is placed in the M (Manual Focus) position before shooting.
At the time of the normal photography, you can use autofocus.

More round your world
The Tokina AT-X 107 DX NH V is fish-eye lens that gives the digital photographer an approximate 180°field of view with dramatic curvature of field of “fish-eye” effect. Full corner to corner image can be achieved on an FX camera between approx. 14.5-17MM depending on the camera model, at 10-14MM there is a semi-circular view.

Excellent for Cine / Video use
This lens has been removed allowing for a wider image area and more coverage for full-frame sensor cameras.
In Cine/Video use it demonstrates its preeminent power.



Distanza focale: 10 – 17 mm
Luminosità: F3.5
Formato: APS-C
Apertura minima: F22
Costruzione lenti: 10 elementi in 8 gruppi
Coating: Multilayer film coating
Angolo: 180° ~ 100°
Diametro filtri: N/A
Minima distanza di messa a fuoco: 0.14m
Rapporto macro: 1:2.56
Focus method: Internal focus
Numero di lamelle: 6
Diametro massimo: 81.6 mm
Lunghezza massima: 70 mm
Peso: 350 g